TMS, or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, is an FDA-approved medication-free treatment option. A large magnet is used to induce a current in very specific areas of the brain.

Typically TMS is used when medications are not enough or when patients cannot tolerate the side effects of medications. There is robust evidence for using TMS to treat depression, anxiety, OCD and PTSD. There is emerging evidence for using TMS to treat chronic tinnitus, addictions, dementia and autism

The brain is an electro-chemical organ. We manipulate chemicals in the brain with medication and electric currents through neuromodulation. TMS is one such neuromodulation method

There are different treatment protocols for various conditions. Treatment may be anywhere between 3 and 40 minutes long.

A typical TMS course is 30-50 sessions. People may feel benefits after the first session; others may notice an improvement a month after treatment is completed.

The magic of medication is, that, unlike many medications, the side effects are minimal. Patients typically complain of transient headache, scalp tenderness and fatigue

A psychiatrist determines the TMS script. The treatments are applied by well trained TMS techs.

At Rewire clinics, we treat patients from 16 years to 100 years.

There are no absolute contra indications to TMS, although patients are assessed for relative contra indications.

ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) is still the golden standard in treating severe mental illness. It is, however, more invasive, and patients need anaesthetics to have ECT.

TMS is considered pro-cognitive (no memory problems.) Patients are awake throughout the treatment and can drive afterwards.

TMS is FDA-approved for depression and refractory OCD. There is very positive data in the treatment of anxiety disorders and PTSD.

The response in the treatment of Tinnitus is variable, but well described.

A psychiatrist needs to decide on your suitability for TMS. Your psychiatrist can refer you. If you self-refer, a Rewire psychiatrist will first do an interview with you to determine the best path forward.

Rewire TMS clinics are found in the Northern Suburbs (Claro Clinic, N1 City) and Southern Suburbs (Crescent Mediclinic, Claremont) of Cape Town.

In Gauteng, we are in Roodepoort (Cat’s corner, 39 Kroton Way, Weltevreden Park)

Health Funders are starting to wake up to the potential of TMS. At the moment, we can motivate for it on Discovery’s executive and classic comprehensive plans. Rewire TMS clinics will help your psychiatrist in motivating for TMS.

Most treatment protocols are in the range of R30 000 for the entire treatment protocol. That comes to about R500-1200 per session (depending on the treatment protocol).

Drug-free Alternative Depression Treatment

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