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Rewire TMS Clinic was founded with the vision that patients must have access to treatments that can restore health and happiness. It was founded by Dr. Stastny, a psychiatrist with over twenty years of experience. She became increasingly frustrated with the treatment options available for depression and launched Rewire TMS Clinic.

Now available at

Lavender Lane (1 Denbigh Rd, Constantia, Cape Town)

Claro Clinic LifePath (N1 City, Cape Town)

Cat’s Corner (Weltevrede Park,Roodepoort, Gauteng)

With affiliated clinics

Clinical Treatment Solutions (Denmar Mediclinic, Pretoria)

Benoni TMS (Glynview)


For Depression

Are you depressed? Are you taking meds, but your depression is not lifting? TMS is an internationally approved treatment for Treatment Resistant Depression or for depression when there are significant side effects to medications. At Rewire TMS Clinics we offer 1Hz, 10hz and theta burst (modified SAINT) treatments. Treatments can range from a week to 6 weeks for a course

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OCD is often resistant to medication treatment alone. TMS is FDA approved for refractory OCD.

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The Facts

What is TMS?

Are you feeling depressed? Are you anxious? TMS is a medication-free treatment option for depression and anxiety.

TMS or transcranial magnetic stimulation is a painless and effective way to stimulate parts of the brain. Repetitive TMS is usually done in a doctor’s office or clinic. It requires a series of treatment sessions to be effective.

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Foreign Clients

Why do TMS in South Africa?

South Africa, especially Cape Town, is a popular destination for international visitors to undergo medical procedures.
Contact us on info@rewire.co.za

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What our patients are saying about

TMS therapy

TMS is a tool in your toolbox for managing depression. Many patients have struggled for years with depression. Antidepressants only get them so far, or have intolerable side effects. TMS gives the part of your brain which is under-active in depression, a “workout”. This helps medication be more effective, or sometimes even unnecessary.

Mr R

“I am doing well. I am more functional. I can tolerate people better. And I don’t have the awful numbing all the antidepressants give me.”Read More »

Ms M

“I am starting to feel like a normal person again, and I find myself singing in the shower”Read More »

Mr D

“I can say that my cognitive ability has improved too. I’m able to watch a movie for the first time in a year”Read More »

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